Axe Wielder Tramples Through Village, Deafening Hundreds of Small Children

meet the imitable mr Phil Bush.  

after years of dropping hints in his ear (let's face it, i begged him) to come lend his talents he succumbed to my tenacity.  Frankly, the sobbing– of him asking me to stop, was unnerving. 
I first saw him playing gee-tar at a free concert in the West End for an outfit called Princess Tex.  Later on i was in a band with him for a short time called Planet X.  As with all bands, we were gonna be famous until the bass player put the mustard knife in the mayonnaise jar.
Soon we will be releasing some songs with His Mighty Power present; and you will see why we are excited and lucky to have him on board.  Not to mention he brings Guinness.
side note:  just a helpful hint:  do not touch areas on your smoker/grill that are close to the firebox.  No need for details, just trust me on this one.
May your day be filled with butterflies, flitting from flower to flower.
-john david

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FST New Album Update

The work on the new, so far untitled, Four Stories Tall album is well under way.  We have 10 songs that we plan on putting on the new album.  All of the songs have their basic tracks recorded; some are almost ready for release.

We all grew up buying albums, we grew up listening to albums, most Prog Bands still release albums.  But, we realize that the way people buy/download and listen to Music is changing.  Most people don’t buy/download and listen to Music in the album format any more.  So, this time around we’re going to take a new approach -we’ll be releasing the songs as they are completed.  We hope that this gradual release of the album will keep our friends and fans involved and interested.

We’re very excited to now have Phil Bush on Guitar.  He’s an excellent fit, a great Guitar Player, and a hell of a great guy.  The new album will contain tracks with Mark Turner, as well as Phil, on Guitar.  

FST is looking forward to a fun and productive 2017.

Peace and Love!