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About us:

Four Stories Tall is a collective endeavor comprised of core members Mark Matos, John Wilson, and Mark Murray. We assemble regularly for the purpose of making music, enjoying brotherly fellowship and indulging in the sampling of fine spirits. To call us a band in the traditional sense would be a misstatement. We prefer to think of ourselves as a drinking club with a bad music habit.

For the past several years we have focused our efforts into developing a creative process by which we can write, record and produce music. Our process is somewhat backwards of the traditional band approach of writing and rehearsing songs to prepare for live performance. Our approach allows us the freedom to capture ideas immediately, to manipulate arrangements on the fly and to throw away entire productions without regret.

Mission statement:

Our goal is to produce music that conveys imagery and story, is free from the boundaries of genre and is crafted to the highest standards of production quality within our means.