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Four Stories Tall ? The Road West now available on iTunes and Amazon.

For all you folk eagerly awaiting the release of ?The Road West? on iTunes, your wait is now over. As of today you can purchase the album and all single songs from ?The Road West? in pristine Mastered for iTunes lossless format. These files were generated by our esteemed mastering engineer, Maor Appelbaum who painstakingly assembled the delicate 96kHz/24 bit masters of our project one byte at a time under a microscope with a pair of really tiny tweezers. He then painted the binary code of each 24 bit word onto 1,542,973,862 individual grains of rice and shipped them to Apple, where a crew of eye-patch-wearing minions reassembled the code into Apples high resolution lossless m4a file format. It took longer than expected, but the results are worth the wait.

Now, go to the iTunes music store and buy a copy. Then go back and write a raving five star review. Hate iTunes? Then buy it at Amazon. We are an equal opportunity deployer. Then go to or CD and buy a physical CD so you can look at John Wilson?s amazing cover artwork and have a really cool looking train wheel coaster. Better yet, put it in your disc player and listen to it in it?s full epic glory! And while you are listening, write another raving five star review on CD Baby. Hey it?s a 47 minute long album, you?ll also have time to go to and write yet another raving five star review. We?re not kidding! Reviews are gold to us right now and can do a lot to help perpetuate sales for us.

By the way, friends get off your duffs and buy a copy. It will cost you less than lunch or a good pint of craft brew and it will last forever. Then put all YOUR friends in a spinning toe hold until they like us on facebook and buy their own copies of ?The Road West?. That?s an order!