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Hurry, this offer ends on my birthday May 27th. ?With the purchase of a CD you will get a free compilation of MP3’s. ?You may ask. “why would i want MP3’s when i could just rip the CD i purchase?” ?The answer my friend is that these MP3’s are not your typical junk you get from the major online music retailers. ?These MP3’s were created by Mr. Applebaum (Yes,Faith No More), the guy who mastered our album. ?Top Notch!

Here is how you do it: Go to the ‘Store’ Page (click here)?and add both the CD and the?The Road West ? MP3 Compilation to your cart. ?You will see a spot in your cart to enter a coupon code, which is aweedram. ?Be sure to include your correct email when purchasing ’cause your download link comes with your emailed receipt.


peace, – John David