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It was great to have Mark Turner (founding member of Odd Fellows and Four Stories Tall) sit in with us last Friday. ?We improvised for a while and then we worked on a new song idea that MrT brought in. ?The song is titled I?ll Have To Learn To Live Without You ? it?s meant to honor an memorialize our family that we lost in 2016.

Here, it?s notated using Standard Jazz Notation. ?Using Standard Jazz Notation only approximates what MrT is meaning to say. ?It?s a shorthand (of sorts) and only partially conveys what?s really going on. ?But it mostly works and will have to do until MrT develops the TNSPCNS (Turner New Standard Pseudo-Chord Notation System). ?I suspect that when TNSPCNS it is fully developed, it will look more like Romulan or Klingon than Standard Jazz Notation.

And, of course, we couldn?t just leave it in a 12/8 time signature, we had to throw in some bars of 5/8 and 6/8. ?Then, not just 5/8, but 5/8 with a Latin feel in the Bass.

It was a bit challenging, but it was a lot of fun and after some work, it came together nicely.

We Love and Miss MrT and look forward to further collaborations in the future.

Peace and Love from FST!

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