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This is not the background music of your lifestyle. It is not intended to be the soundtrack for your aerobics session. It was not optimized for competitive levels or playback through $5.00 earbuds. This album was created with our earliest music experiences in mind. We remember a time when we saved our meager earnings to go to the record store and purchase an album. We had to be very selective because we could only afford to buy one. We pored over the albums in the store and finally selected “the one” that would be our musical nectar for weeks/years to come. We would hurry home, remove the shrink wrap, carefully remove the album from it’s sleeve, place it on the turntable, gently lower the tone arm to the lead in groove, plop down in the sweet spot between the speakers and experience the sonic journey this very special piece of vinyl would take us on. It is our sincere hope that this work will do the same for you.