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These are very exciting times for Four Stories Tall. We?re finalizing the mastering of the album with mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum. He has quite a resume ? he?s mastered albums for Rob Halford, Faith No More and he mastered the last two Yes albums.

The album artwork is completed, and as anticipated, John did an incredible job ? it looks fantastic.

We?ll be sending out the album for printing within the next week and should have the CDs by late April. ? The music will also be available on iTunes and Amazon.

After spending the last four years writing and recording the album we?re all happy to be back at RDS (Red Door Studio) playing live as a band again and rehearsing the songs. ? Some of the songs have been rather challenging, but that?s part of the fun.

The plans for an album release party and an album release gig are still being worked on. As soon as we firm up the plans we?ll let everyone know.

We?re all very happy and proud of what we have accomplished. We hope that all of you will enjoy what we?ve done.