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Four Stories Tall EP Release

FST has decided that instead of releasing a full length album, we?ll release two EPs!? The first EP, tentatively titled Minus, will have four songs on it, they are:


PV=nRT? ?

A short ditty on the daily challenges of dealing with the Ideal Gas Law.? FST would also like to recognize Boyle’s Law,?Charles’s Law?and?Avogadro’s Law.



Nothing funny here.? A commentary on the Globalization and Social Mediatization of Terrorism.



A treatise on whether the place with the guy with the pointy stick is Exothermic or Endothermic.? Features Electronic Percussion, Upright Electric Bass and Allen Wrench.? And for the record, FST?s stance is that Hell is Exothermic.? Side Note ? the melting point of Sulfur is 115.2?C


The Storm

A nod to the Narrator?s realization in Poe?s Descent into the Maelstr?m, that the Maelstr?m is a beautiful and awesome creation.? Also an acknowledgement that U K’ux Kaj is doing a hell of a job.? Alternate title is Welcome To Texas!


Due to each band member?s involvement in Lepidopterology and Coleopterology we often find that our schedules are at odds with each other.? But our dedication to our fan base demands that we be productive even when the entire band is not available.? This EP is the result of that unwavering dedication.? All of the songs on this EP were recorded minus one of the band members; most of the songs were written and recorded in a single day.? Of course, we then went on to spend countless hours debating mixes, additions, subtractions, redactions and various minutia.? All unresolved debates were resolved by a combination of Rock, Paper, Scissors and Leg Wrestling.

We hope y?all enjoy the new EP!