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Four Stories Tall



As promised, FST has been hard at work on our third release; Plus

This is our first release with the newest member of FST, and current embodiment of Huehuec?yotl, a.k.a. Phil Bush.



A tale about the human condition; focusing on our insatiable quest for energy and the illusion of security.


Winds of Fortune

The greatest fortune is realizing that you are fortunate.


Broken Switch

Have a plan? Think again. ?

Think you have a problem? ?It?s probably pretty minor compared to what others are facing.

A reminder that expectations are future disappointments. ?


20 Years

Sometimes you can return home. ?Sometimes it?s best to not give in to the desire to do so.


I Can?t Stay Too Long

Time is a precious commodity. Whether it is time you want to spend or time you are obliged to spend, spend it wisely. You only have a limited amount, but keep your chin up. Once you?ve spent all you have here, there is hope you will have more to spend elsewhere.


The Band

Phil Bush ? Guitar, chaos

Mark Matos ? Basses (too many damn Basses), Topo Chico enabler

Mark Murray ? Keyboard, vocals, programming, mixology, signal processing, button pusher

Mark Turner ? Guitar, philanthropy

John Wilson ? Drums, two keyboard notes, acoustic and electronic percussion


Guest Musicians

Tara Allison ? Vocals on Flame

Greg Gibson ? Vocals on Flame

Gina Roberts ? Vocals on Flame



Broken Switch, 20 Years and I Can?t Stay Too Long were written, produced and performed by Bush, Matos, Murray, Turner and Wilson

Flame and Winds of Fortune written, produced and performed by Bush, Matos, Murray and Wilson

Mixed by Mark Murray and FST

Engineered and Mastered by Mark Murray

Artwork by John Wilson